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Infinite Nanowhite Technology Company Limited is established by a professional team from lighting industry. Founder members are ranged from energy saving consultants, lighting consultants, lighting designers, luminaires manufacturer and investors focus on green building projects.

Inheriting our founders’ valuable experience and expertise knowledge, “Nanowhite” leverages the nano-coating application and in-depth luminaires manufacturing experience to bring to the market new luminaires with high energy efficient and cost saving reflectors and stylish luminaires.

‘Nanowhite'is registered in Australia .All “Nanowhite” products are supporting by technical data and IES result from reputable laboratory. We are confident in our products and we only tell the true performance of our products to our valuable customers who are looking for excellence.

We are welcoming the next generation of LED application in lighting. We are working on transferring professional knowledge to ordinary users and applying our specific skill into nano-coating luminaires. Guiding with update spectrum concepts and new nano-coating material reflectance properties, our lighting products are evident to have higher performance in meeting clients’ expectation towards our product quality.

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