New Luminaires – Nano Coating Reflector with 95% diffuse reflection

Our Mission:

Infinite Nanowhite Technology Company Limited specialize in researching & developing luminaires with excellent reflectance by applying nano-coating technology to contribute towards green building as a whole.

Our core values are manufacturing luminaires that are energy efficient and stylish through nano-coating application on the reflectors.


Our professional team is working together with lighting consultants and designers from different countries who dedicated in continuously researching in energy efficient luminaires through nano-coating application.

Nano coating has different applications in different markets. Our research found that when we apply nano coating “ Nanowhite” on our specially design lighting products, the result is remarkable and the diffuse reflectance is in a range of 90%-95%.

Nanowhite is an excellent option for the reflectors that are currently using high graded aluminum. Nanowhite application brings to cost efficiency to our customers.

Nanowhite has to two major focuses on all its luminaires. Excellent energy efficient and Health.

Energy efficient in terms of energy saving that our products could produce the same lumens with lesser luminaires. Health in terms of visual comfort, safety and no emission of toxic elements throughout usage.

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